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 A brief history of us--The Mighty Azalus Murishini

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PostSubject: A brief history of us--The Mighty Azalus Murishini   Wed Dec 22, 2010 6:50 pm

About Us:

AzM has been a successful Bounty Hunter guild, since its inception some 5 years ago on the Kauri Server. Even as the guild moved on to Bloodfin, with many new characters in the fold, it maintained a high level of killing expertise.

Founded by Lousha, Emulous, Ahifeh, and soon after Hoturi, the guild flourished as a BH centric guild in the days of pre-CU, catching the eye of many Bounty Hunters and other scoundrels in the galaxy....

"We killed both rebel and Jedi* which pissed off everyone. We got instant banned from all cities. People took notice since there were virtually no one Bounty Hunting, soon people liked what we did and wanted in. We learned early that we couldn't just take anyone, many alts and friends of Jedi wanted in to spy...The guild boomed before I had quit, we became the premier BH guild. The only one I knew of in all of SWG that was truly and unbiased Jedi killing guild" --Lousha (*was initially a rebel guild, LOL)

As time marched on and the dreaded CU reaped its ugly head, hunters like Dimeatri, Tokmora, and Kublaikong adopted the AzM practice-- BH only and NO JEDI.....

With the announcement of the new SW:TOR many Azalus members old and new look forward to mobilizing and wrecking havoc across the galaxy once again. Though the guild remains BH centric in nature, we will have other select players in the fray that may not necessarily roll a BH character Wink. While AzM does not currently offer "open" recruitment--those interested should contact Krorne or Dimeatri. Any current members reading should spread the word of our return and make sure to sign up for an account at the site! Make sure to stay tuned to the site for any guild announcements and/or game breaking updates. I look forward to hearing from all and the new adventures SW:TOR may hold for us all....


Krorne Galaxy, Steward of Azalus

PS-- Still NO JEDI!!! Twisted Evil
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A brief history of us--The Mighty Azalus Murishini
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